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Greetings SLA families,

Welcome to this year's SLA Jamboree! The jamboree set up and games will run from Friday, May 18th through Sunday, May 20th. This is our one and only league-sponsored tournament each year and an important fundraiser for our players so please read the information provided carefully.

The success of this event relies heavily on the participation of volunteers and families.  Therefore, each SLA family is required to cover one volunteer time slot over the course of the weekend.  Since the boys and girls jamborees are on the same weekend, you are only required to sign up for one slot, regardless of the number of children you have in the league. In an effort to avoid conflict with watching your player, you may sign up for either Saturday or Sunday, for the boys jamboree or girls. It is required though, that each player has an adult signed up to volunteer for one time slot. Failure to sign up for a volunteer slot will result in your player being temporarily suspended from game play.  

A final jamboree game schedule will not be ready until 2-3 days prior to the jamboree. Typically, Bantams will play at DePaolo in the morning and early afternoon, Junior and Senior times will vary throughout the days.

Please use the link below and sign-up function to choose your volunteer position, location and time.  


If you have any questions, please email me at   or call/text 860-977-3090.

Thank you,

Brande Missal